We’re Improving Our Web Presence

Jun 2, 2021

As our industry continues to adapt and change, we pride ourselves in our ability to adjust to meet our customers’ needs. That’s why we’ve launched a new initiative to improve our website. If you visit our site, you may notice the visual updates, but we are also striving to use this improved platform to help our current and future customers access valuable information with ease. What you see today at Wrenthamtool.com is just the beginning.

What’s New?

Our Improved Look

When you first visit the new and improved Wrenthamtool.com, the first thing you will notice is the sleek and modern design. Not only is our site now more appealing, it is also optimized for easier reading and access to the info you need.

Improved Navigation

We overhauled our menus to make navigating on our site a breeze both on desktop computers and on mobile devices. With a responsive design, it automatically adjusts to display information efficiently on virtually any screen. We also updated our page flow to seamlessly allow customers to travel from product information to catalog pages and more.

Available in Multiple Languages

Use the dropdown menu in the top left corner of every page on our site to switch between viewing our site in 10 different languages. With our loyal base of local and international customers, we wanted to make sure that our site was available in the most comfortable and convenient languages for as many readers as possible.

Improved Product & Service Information

Our new-and-improved Product, Service, and Catalog pages are designed to allow customers to access more detailed information about what we can provide while making it easier to contact us about each product and service. We’ve also made text updates throughout the site to improve the accuracy of the information we provide.

A New Home for News & Events

You might have noticed our efforts to keep you informed on all of the latest Wrentham Tool Group™ news and events with the recent article publishing initiative we launched in 2020. Our updated “News” page allows for better organization and presentation of these articles. We’ve also overhauled our “Events” page to provide a better look at the trade shows and events we will be attending. Both of these pages will be updated regularly to keep you in the know.

What’s Next?

While we’re pleased with the redesign of our new website, we’re also excited for some upcoming site upgrades that are right around the corner as we continue to improve our marketing presence. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

Improved Site Content and Information

Keep an eye out for improved information about the services and products we offer as we continue to add to our site

A New Catalog Page Experience

A look at our catalog page offers a glance of what’s to come. We’ve improved the look and feel of the page already, but we’re working on creating a new updated catalog to go with it. Our goal is to create an improved online ordering experience to help save time for our customers.