About Wrentham Tool Group™

The Global Leader in

Fastener Tooling & Gage Technology

Since its founding in 1948 in Wrentham, MA., our company has undergone many changes and continues to reinvent itself to better serve the global fastener market. After being purchased by Phillips Screw Company® in 2004 and acquiring RICO® in 2010, Wrentham Tool Group has become the most experienced workforce in the header tooling business worldwide. Our combined experience, unparalleled customer service, and the world-class quality of our products are the biggest reasons our customers choose Wrentham Tool Group for their tooling needs.

Wrentham Tool Group™ specializes in engineered solutions to meet the most challenging tooling applications and offers both specialty & standard tooling that includes:

• Inspection Gages & Gage Calibration
• Nut Forming and Trim Dies
• Header Tooling
• Recess Pins and Punches
• Specialty Coatings All drawings

Certifications & Accreditations

Wrentham Tool Group™ is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and accredited to ISO-17025 and Z540.3. These stringent standards ensure that the robust systems we have in place create an environment of continuous improvement that is second to none. Not only is our recess tooling relied on for its quality, our recess gaging ensures that the manufacturers maintain their quality as well.


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Phillips Screw Company®

Wrentham Tool Group™ is an affiliate of Phillips Screw Company®, developers of high performance threaded fasteners.

The Industrial Fastener Institute

The Industrial Fastener Institute represents the interests of North American mechanical fastener manufacturers.

International Distributors

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“Semblex has enjoyed strong growth in recent years by delivering value to our customers through cold formed solutions in a wide range of markets. This growth and our overall success would not be possible for us without the strong commitment and the support of our key ‘partners’ like Wrentham Tool Group. Wrentham’s commitment to quality, customer service and overall responsiveness has allowed us to succeed together in a highly competitive market.”

Gene Simpson | COO & Senior Vice President of Semblex

“Wrentham’s superior service to our company over the past 28 years has allowed us to provide excellent quality and delivery on both standard and unique recesses to our customers by providing state of the art tooling and coatings.”

Bruce Hayes | Sems and Specials


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