The Wrentham Tool Group™ Approach to Customer Service

Mar 24, 2021

Industry-leading customer service is more than just a goal for our team at Wrentham Tool Group™. It is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. It is what separates us from our competition simply because we believe that the customer is deserving of our every effort to ensure that they receive the very best from every member of our organization. In order to make sure we’re providing the best service possible, we operate under this strict set of internal standards:

Listen to customers

While we take pride in our staff members’ experience and expertise in both manufacturing and engineering, we value expert listening and communication skills just as highly. On top of providing recommendations on how to best use and implement our products, we also provide engineered solutions to fit individual customers’ needs more specifically. This can not be done without close listening. No one has all the answers for every single situation, but with proper training and focus, our team has learned how to ask the right questions in order to find the best solutions for our customers.

Always put the customer first

This is a focus for every industry and business, but in the world of fastener tooling and gage technology, this is perhaps even more important. After all, we are responsible for the tooling that is used to make fasteners for cars, trucks, planes, rockets, industrial equipment, and more. We understand that our customers often have customers of their own to take care of which means that our customer service has a major effect on entire industries. We make sure that all of our employees understand just how important of a role they play and how much a customer-first mindset can make a difference.

Help customers with problem-solving

Being in business for over 70 years, we realize the importance of having an experienced team of experts. If our customers come to us with problems in their operations, we’re available to provide engineered solutions and advice that comes from years of experience. This goes well beyond technical support with our products as we work with customers to help them solve complex operations issues. At Wrentham Tool Group™, we understand that your success and our success are directly related.

Honesty is the best policy

Good service is about assisting your customers when they have issues. World-class service is about accountability, honesty, and making good on your own mistakes. While we pride ourselves on continuous improvement in our manufacturing process, no process can be entirely mistake-free. However, it’s the handling of these mistakes that brings our service to another level. We take great pride in keeping our customers updated whenever there may be issues or delays in their lead times to keep them in the know. No customer wants to see any issues with their orders, but transparency helps customers to prepare for and plan around any delays they may experience as opposed to being caught off guard.

Respond to customers quickly

Responding to customers quickly is not just a sign of respect – it eliminates any uncertainty customers may have. If a customer has an important question, the longer they wait for our answers or solutions, the longer any potential issue they have may go uncorrected. The quicker we respond, the faster our customers can get back to business or improve their operations. Quick responses facilitate customer success in their fields and as we mentioned earlier, we understand that our customers’ success and our success are directly related! 

If you have any questions or if you would like to experience our world-class customer service for yourself, give us a call at 508-966-2332 or fill out the form at!