How can the Wrentham Tool Group™ help you with your trimming needs?

Jan 7, 2021

The Wrentham Tool Group™ has been producing world-class Trim Dies dating all the way back to Astro, Rico, and Air Tuf in the 1990s and continues to manufacture them in our Bellingham, Massachusetts manufacturing plant. We are proud to be able to say “Made in America” and just as proud of the quality we build into our Trim Dies. We supply all standard Trim Dies for conventional Trimmers as well as Bolt Maker’s in support of the industry as well as special dies that meet our customer’s needs.

What makes our Trim Dies special?

The tooling that we have designed for our process is designed by our engineering group in collaboration with our toolmakers and forge operations personnel. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians have the experience of engineering and manufacturing these high-quality Trim Dies for over 30 years and counting. The tooling itself is just step one of bringing these high-quality tools to the industry. We believe that this is one of the most critical elements of the operation and the beginning of the quality expected by our customers.

The process that is utilized at the Wrentham Tool Group™ is a proprietary forge process that provides for the highest level of quality and tool life there is in the industry. The process of forging the Trim Die allows for optimal grain flow and this provides for not only consistent physical properties but dimensional capability as well.

Heat Treat:
At the Wrentham Tool Group™, we use vacuum heat treatment for hardening our Trim Dies. This process is tightly controlled to ensure that the consistency of heat treatment is duplicated time and time again. The ability to control the austenitizing temperature is critical when heat-treating high-speed steel even as important as the tempering process. We triple temper our high-speed steel, again, in a vacuum as this is the process that ensures that the martensitic transformation from austenite occurs resulting in fully tempered martensite which is the gold standard for high-speed steel.

Cutting Edge:
The cutting edge is the most critical feature of the Trim Die as it bears the brunt of the violent process that is trimming. At the Wrentham Tool Group™, we provide customer application specific edges using a hand prep process if needed. This process ensures that the edge does not break down as quickly as a machined edge break providing superior tool life.

The objective of coating the Trim Die is twofold:
1. Tool Wear
2. Lubricity
These two factors play a substantial role in tool life when introduced to the Trim Die manufactured in this facility under the processes described above.

There are many types of coatings to choose from. The most popular is the CVD process. However, we have experienced great success in using alternative coatings including the PVD process to best suit our customers’ needs. If you would like to ask us about our coatings, call us at 508-966-2332.

The Wrentham Tool Group™ Difference:
The world-class craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into our Trim Dies creates a product that is long-lasting and precise. But just as importantly, when you order any product from us, our experienced staff will work with you to provide you with unparalleled customer service and a product that fits your needs perfectly.

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