WTG Coatings

Wrentham (WTG) hard coatings are very thin but harder than steel and chemically inert. They significantly reduce punch wear, cold welding and friction. More and more companies are adding WTG Coatings to their punches and forming tools to boost productivity and quality.

Lower costs result due to less tool wear, fewer punch failures and predictable punch changes. As a result, manufacturing costs are reduced.

Longer punch life reduces machine down time which in turn reduces product manufacturing costs. WTG coated punches also generate a higher quality fastener due to smoother surfaces and better dimensional stability from piece to piece. It is not uncommon for WTG coated punches to last 3 to 5 and even 10 times longer than uncoated plain punches.

With WTG Coated punches you can:

  • significantly boost productivity
  • reduce manufacturing costs
  • improve manufacturing reliability
  • enhance product quality
  • shorten delivery times
  • reduce energy and lubricant requirements.
  • Please consider specifying WTG Coatings on your next order.