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Posted: 08.29.13

WTG Trim Dies

Astro, RICO, and Air Tuf have long standing reputations for producing high quality Trim Dies for the fastener industry. WTG has the unique opportunity of taking the best methods, practices, and experience and combining them into what we expect to be the best Trim Dies available to the industry. This project was spearheaded by WTG's highly experienced manufacturing technicians, some of which were originally employed by Astro and then at RICO as Tool Makers. These employees were steadily involved in the process design and engineering of Trim Dies to be produced with maximized tool life. Our 30+ years of Trim Die manufacturing experience place us at the forefront of manufacturers for these types of tools.

In addition, the combination of our high quality Trim Dies with our proprietary MOAC coating has proven to be a long sought after solution to trimming tough 302 stainless steel. One of our customers tells us, "With MOAC coating on our Trim Dies we now have double the tool life when trimming 302 stainless steel. Now my header operator wants all of his tools coated in MOAC!"