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Posted: 04.19.17

The Advantages of Coating

WTG PVD and CVD Hard Coatings

As a business owner, you are going to want to purchase high quality products at a low cost, but are you considering the lifespan of these products? Of course, “high quality” typically means the product is going to last a while, but how long? And what are the steps taken to ensure a longer usage on the product?

If you are in the market for punches and forming tools, you may be asking yourself the questions above. WTG PVD and CVD Wrentham (WTG) hard coatings are not only high quality but also cost effective. Wrentham Tool Group considers all of the questions a consumer may have when creating a product, and continues to keep them in mind throughout the entire business to customer relationship.

Below are the advantages to utilizing WTG PVD and CVD COATINGS Wrentham (WTG).

Significantly Boost Productivity

If we can ensure you that our products are quality, using them is going to assist your products into becoming quality. If the performance of your punches and forming tools is successful, your productivity in the workplace is going to increase. The snowball effect of one efficient change in your strategy is going to leave your employees with the ability to take on more tasks and manage them with ease.

Significantly Reduce Punch Wear

Just looking at your punch wear, you will be able to tell the coating is helping to reduce wear overtime. The coating also reduces cold welding and friction.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs/Improve Manufacturing Reliability

Using our coating, you will have less wear than normal on your tools, meaning that replacing or refurbishing them will be less frequent, keeping your costs down. Your company will also experience fewer punch failures and predictable punch changes. Also, longer punch life reduces machine down time which in turn reduces product manufacturing costs.

Enhanced Product Quality

WTG coated punches generate a higher quality fastener due to smoother surfaces and better dimensional stability from piece to piece.

Reduce Energy and Lubricant Requirements

A product with a longer lifespan is going to reduce energy due to the amount of times it has to be adjusted. A higher quality product is also going to need less lubricant than one than is worn down.

Note that it is not uncommon for WTP coated punches to last 3 to 5 and even 10 times longer than uncoated plain punches.

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