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Posted: 09.19.12

Now Introducing WTG Black Diamond Gages!

Wrentham Tool Group has developed a new line of Black DiamondTM Penetration and Plug Gages to satisfy the demand for high-performance gaging. These gages are available in all recess types and are supplied complete with certification.

The WTG Black DiamondTM Pen Gages feature SPI indicators with a .0005 or .00005 inch resolution, black anodized knurled bodies for better gripping and PVD coated noses for enhanced durability.

The Black DiamondTM Plug Gages feature a black anodized body and PVD coated gage point to provide the grip, feel, and functionality that you would expect from a World Class product.

Most of these gages are in stock as a semi-finished part and can be shipped complete in as little as two days. (Please state your preferred lead time at time of quoting.)