Trim Dies

Hobbed trim dies from Wrentham Tool Group are known in the fastener industry for extended tool life as well as smooth trimming. With 30+ years of trim die manufacturing experience, WTG is at the forefront of manufacturing these high-quality tools. Our highly skilled technicians process, design and engineer our trim dies specifically for optimal tool life.

Wrentham Tool has recently purchased additional machinery enabling us to drastically cut back on lead

times getting you your tooling to you when you need it. Unsure about which material and/or coating is right for you? Never hesitate to ask our informed staff. Ask us about how to insure your trim dies will always be on our shelves when you need them. WTG understands our customers budgetary needs. Place your 12-month stock order today . You will only be billed per release quantity and you have an entire year to release your order.

  • Hobbed for superior strength and durability. Certain exceptions may apply.
  • Our proven blanking design and shape geometry formation process produce trim dies with optimum
    grain flow and integrity.
  • Processed with great attention to form and function as critical cutting edge is finished to maximize tool
  • Hardened with respect to materials to yield peak performance.
  • Varied shapes and designs available.
  • Your choice of coating and material.

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