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About Wrentham Tool Group

A global supplier of cold and hot heading tools utilized in the production of many types of fasteners ranging from simple nails to high performance aerospace products.

Wrentham Tool Group has been a leading supplier of cold heading tools since its founding as Wrentham Steel Products in Wrentham, MA, USA in 1948 and is the longest operating and most experienced recess header tool manufacturer in the world. WTG has undergone many changes since then including ISO 9001:2015 certification and continues to re-invent itself to better serve the ever changing global market. Year after year, WTG continues to outperform the competition and expand its product line and operations. As a result of this dedication to continuous improvement, WTG has become the market leader in a wide range of hot and cold heading tools.

In 2004, WSP was purchased by Phillips Screw Company and became Wrentham Tool Products. Phillips Screw Company is the original patent holder of the PHILLIPS® recess as well as several recesses such as the MORTORQ® Super and HEXSTIX®. Phillips Screw Company engineers work with Wrentham Tool engineers on a day to day basis to ensure the highest quality products are shipped around the world to Wrentham's diverse customer base.

In July 2010, WTG purchased RICOTM and ASTRO® from PCC Specialty Products Inc. RICOTM and ASTRO® are known around the world for their high quality industrial, automotive, and aerospace punches and associated tooling. As a result of this acquisition, Wrentham Tool Products was renamed Wrentham Tool Group. The close proximity of RICOTM/ASTRO® allowed WTG to retain most of its highly skilled work force.

In April 2012, Wrentham acquired the Acument Pin Shop from Acument Global Technologies, Inc. The Acument Pin Shop was the preliminary manufacturing location for TORX®, TORX PLUS®, and TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT blanks for use as the basic instrument for manufacturing finished tools. As part of this acquisition, Wrentham acquired the machines, dies, and supportive tooling for production of a full range of internal and external TORX®, TORX PLUS®, and TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT recesses.

Wrentham is able to provide quality Flat Thread Rolling Dies at competitive prices.  Contact our customer service team for pricing and delivery information.

WTG’s mission is to provide world-class quality, value pricing and unparalleled customer service. To achieve these goals WTG has dedicated significant financial and human resources to ensure success. WTG has expanded its product line and offerings to include the latest fastener recess innovations such as MORTORQ® Super, HEXSTIX®, and TTAP®, and a new line of Black DiamondTM Gages. WTG also manufactures a full array of carbide and steel heading tools including hex inserts, hex pins, and trim dies. WTG has increased stock levels and appointed sales agents in strategic locations around the world to better serve the customer and ensure continued expansion.